Welcome to the ‘All Blogs’ page of Family History Today. On this page you will find current blogs and news articles about various genealogy and family history topics. Each day this site monitors several websites of industry leaders, professional genealogists, researchers and other individuals that share their knowledge and passion for family history. When these sites release a new blog or article this website will update and you will find a short announcement in one of the lists below.

The name of the article will be listed along with the first lines of the article, its original source and date. Clicking on the article will open up a new window to the full article at its original website. This page is updated multiple times during the day and will aggregate articles from a growing list of websites and will list them according to release date, the most recent being listed first in each column. Lists are periodically updated. Articles are listed for up to 3 months and then dropped from the lists.

Columns are used to simply sort website domain or blog names alphabetically. Ancestry.com articles will typically be listed in column A – I, Kitty Cooper’s blog in column J – Q and the National Genealogical Society’s blog ‘Upfront with NGS’ would be found in column R – Z. Bloggers may share the same information so a new article at Ancestry could appear across several blogger sites as well.

Note: Each column has its own Search filter

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